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Lose Weight Don’t Wait

 Lose Weight Don’t Wait

 There is no other easier way to lose weight than by increasing your metabolism. By far it is the easiest and quickest way to lose weight. Although it is quite hectic to calculate that what things will increase your metabolism and which can decrease it drastically. This article discusses some crucial factors that can affect your metabolism in more than one way and help you reduce weight and get rid of the extra flab that has been troubling you for the past few years.

* The first thing, to begin with, is by cutting down your daily intake of calories. Make it a point to daily cut your calories by a maximum of 500. But be careful not to go beyond 1000 calories a day because that will harm your body and is very unhealthy. The body needs a certain amount of nutrients and energy every day to survive. Don’t starve your body too as a result of which it even becomes hard for your body to survive. The excess amount of fat is stored in the body which acts as an energy booster at times when the body is not getting enough nutrition to generate energy. In a nutshell, if you don’t provide your body with proper food then it will slow down your body's metabolism and your body will keep on storing extra fat to conserve energy for the body.

* Frequent eating also helps a lot. Eat 6 small meals in a day as psychologically your mind will stop thinking that it doesn’t have enough food and hence your metabolism will be steadied. Intake food after an interval of 3 hours as it takes about 3 hours for food to digest. Eating at a frequent rate also gets rid of the craving of having food in between the meals.

* Increase your protein intake. Intake of high protein content foodstuffs like chicken, eggs, and fish should be included with every meal. Blocks required for building and repairing tissues are constructed on the platform laid down by proteins. The human body needs to be supplemented with proteins from time to time as protein once taken supports your body for about 3 hours. But on the contrary, if you don’t supplement your body with enough protein then your body will break down muscles to fulfill the body’s requirement for protein hence causing a loss in muscle mass. And as an outcome of this, the reduced muscle mass will decrease the body’s metabolism and the capability to burn more and more calories.

* Lifting weights. Muscles are built properly and are strengthened by weight lifting exercises. Metabolism of the body is driven by the muscles the more you have them the more will be your body’s strength to exercise and burn calories. It is advisable to lift weight 3 times a week and all the 3 times train different parts of your body. Make your schedule ask your trainers to do so. For instance legs on Monday, chest on Wednesday, and back on Friday. Squats and deadlifts are the best ways to do lifts that will stimulate the entire body and the muscle fibers increasing the body’s metabolism. Weight should be increased each week to strengthen the muscles and body mass.

* Cardio training is also very necessary. Cardio training should be done vigorously for 20 to 30 minutes every alternate day. The best suited time for cardio is morning and especially on those days when you don’t have weight training. This helps in keeping the body’s metabolism stimulated for weight training. Also, you should try and increase the intensity of each workout to prevent your body from getting used to the workout.

By following the above few steps your body’s metabolism will reach new heights and you can see the results in your exercise strength and also reduce weight and maintain the required posture of your body.

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