Foods That Sabotage Weight Loss

 Foods That Sabotage Weight Loss

   Hunger is the enemy of weight loss. 

Foods That Sabotage Weight Loss
Foods That Sabotage Weight Loss

All of your goals can be easily forgotten when faced with overwhelming hunger. Successful weight loss does not just require you to ignore the desire to eat, it requires you to do things to reduce your hunger in the first place. One of the best ways to put a stranglehold on hunger, as silly as it may sound, is to avoid foods that make you hungrier.

 There are many foods that you can eat and eat, without satisfying your cravings. Most of them are junk foods that you shouldn’t be eating on a diet anyway. These foods are quite addictive. You keep eating, trying to fill the void in your stomach, but no matter what you do it the void can’t be filled. Here are some secrets to avoiding that trap.

 The Main Culprit – Foods Filled with MSG

 Everyone has heard of MSG, the “food enhancing” additive found in so many of our food products. But you may not be aware that MSG increases hunger astronomically. Here’s why. MSG acts as a flavor-enhancer in foods that would otherwise not taste good at all. It’s used in low-fat and low-calorie foods to make them more palatable – making up for lost flavor. This means that when you eat a food that contains MSG, your body is tricked into believing that you ate something more substantial than you did. When the body realizes there wasn’t “enough” in what you ate, it naturally wants more – and you’re hungry again.

Foods That Sabotage Weight Loss
Foods That Sabotage Weight Loss

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 As an example, take what happens when you eat Ramen noodles. You’ll eat the noodles covered in the MSG-soaked contents of the flavor packet, and your body will believe it’s just had a solid, nutritional meal. However, as the meal digests, the body realizes it’s been fooled. It’s not “real” pasta – it’s a relatively small amount of noodles with sodium-drenched flavoring. Now that the body realizes that it hasn’t had enough to eat, it demands real nutrition, and your stomach is growling again within an hour. So not only have you eaten largely empty calories, you haven’t even satiated your hunger.

 Many foods are packed with MSG and give the body false messages about their nutritional value, so make sure to read ingredients lists. Armed with this knowledge, you can avoid the MSG trap of eating food that makes you even hungrier.

 Other Things that Stimulate Hunger

 Chewing Gum – Chewing gum, like MSG, tricks the body into thinking that food is being digested. It causes the mouth to produce saliva, which trickles down the throat and tells the stomach to expect food to come down the hatch. When nothing comes down, the stomach growls for the meal is expected, and you are hungrier than before.

 Diet Soda – Diet soda has artificial sweeteners, in many ways the “liquid equivalent” to MSG. These fake sweeteners trigger the appetite like real sugars do, but don’t squelch the urges as real sugar would.

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 High Fructose Corn Syrup – When talking about food as an addiction, high fructose corn syrup can simply not be ignored. Why such a fuss about this additive? When eaten, high fructose corn syrup slows down the secretion of the hormone “leptin.” And since leptin is secreted to tell the body that it’s full – when leptin isn’t secreted, you don’t realize that you’re full, and you just keep eating – making weight loss just that much more difficult.


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