What I drink regularly to help lose weight (86 lbs less)

 What I drink regularly to help lose weight (86 lbs less)

What I drink regularly to help lose weight (86 lbs less)
drink regularly to help lose weight

One of the biggest weight loss practices I have used to lose weight has been calorie deficit. I know this might sound obvious to many of you, but when you don't know how to count calories, how many calories are in your food, and how many calories you need per day, it's very easy to overeat calories.

For people who are losing weight, I think they need to become more aware of what they are drinking. If you need to consume 1,800 calories per day to be in deficit, your liquid calories will increase rapidly. 

Now, that doesn't mean all drinks have bad calories, I just think if I need to cut calories, I want most (around 95%) of my calories to come from food.

In this blog, I would like to break down what I drank at my heaviest weight (355) and what I drink daily at my current weight of 269.

I regularly drink water, Coca-Cola Zero, and occasionally Gatorade Zero. The majority (I would say 90%) of everything I drink is water. Now and then I will also have tea (Orange Pekoe) but other than that these three are what I usually drink.

 I try to limit myself to Coca-Cola Zero or Gatorade Zero to one a day and mainly stick to water.

I know there are issues with Coke Zero and it's not the best drink for your health, but it's a big calorie improvement for me. Since I mainly focus on calories, this was an easy choice to change up my usual Coke Zero pop.

What I drink regularly to help lose weight (86 lbs less)
drink regularly to help lose weight

I grew up loving flavored sparkling water. I'm not a fan of regular sparkling water, so anything that tastes magical. Linked here is the one I get from Loblaws, they're inexpensive (like 3 for $ 3?) And another alternative to drinking something with a lot of flavors.

I drink regularly

  • I don't drink regular pop anymore. I used to drink 2-3 scoops of soft drink a day, ranging from Dr. Pepper to Root Beer and Mountain Dew.
  •  If you don't like drinks labeled Zero or Diet, I still think you can incorporate them into your diet regularly, but it's just a personal choice for me not to drink them anymore. I don't think I drink better, but I don't want the extra calories of a regular Coke.
  • I rarely drink alcohol. I drank lots of beers like Corona and Bud Light. The last time I sipped alcohol was when my line hockey team won the league championship (a big deal at Notta) and we all had beers to celebrate. I think it was in March, so it's been a long time.
  •  Again, I don't KO anyone but I don't want beer calories to be in deficit. 
  • If I had to drink, I would probably mix rum, vodka, or jack with Coca-Cola Zero so that I could drink alcohol without too many calories.
  • I'm not rational that I can't have a drink now and then, I just choose not to. 
  • I don't think I am addicted, I think I am strict and wiser in the choices.
  •  That being said, if I go out on the patio or spend a night in a bar, I'll probably have a beer or two.
  • This is what I love to drink every day, and what I have cut out of my life.
  •  As I said, I'm more concerned with calories from food, so I want to increase the number of calories I can eat.

 I try to limit the calories from drinks. I'm not strict that I would never have a soft drink or a regular drink in a bar, but they are a part of my regular diet.


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